Triggered? Time To Look At What’s Under Those Triggers

Mars Retrograde is here, which carries some triggering energy. BUT that doesn’t mean we should all go hide under blankets! This post includes a free Mars Retrograde Tarot spread to help you.

Mars Rx

The triggering moments coming from this Mars Retrograde are focused on any remaining bastion of self-limitation you haven’t yet looked at.

Let me be clear that if you need professional counselling for Trauma, please do seek it. I’m always clear about that.

Regardless of your situation, what we all need is to do the hard inner work. We all have growth and empowerment to pursue.

For empaths, we tend to be very self-aware of our areas of growth. They’re usually related to limitations we’ve accepted as fact due to our families of origin or cultural/religious upbringing. 

This isn’t a judgement at ALL! This is an inclusive space, regardless of what your religious or spiritual beliefs are, of how you identify, and whether or not you even know what you believe. You are welcome here. 

The hard inner work does still remain, for all of us. We can always become more aligned, more powerful, more joyful, more at peace. 

This autumn’s energies

That’s what this Mars Retrograde – and all the related energies combining with it – are surfacing between now and mid-November when Mars goes direct again.

You know how much I love creating empowering Tarot spreads which you can also use just as journaling prompts if you don’t have cards. So here is a Mars Retrograde spread that you may recognize from my weekend post where I showed you a brief behind-the-scenes of how I create these. 

As always, you can use Tarot or any other kind of deck you have, or you can just use the questions as journaling prompts. If you do have cards, it is my strong recommendation that you still do the journaling as you’ll get way more out of it!

The Mars Retrograde Spread

Mars Retrograde Tarot Spread and Journaling Prompts created for you by Malumir R. Logan of

Here is the spread; the questions are also typed out below if that’s easier for you to read.

Here are the questions, typed:

  1. Trigger: How Mars Retrograde will trigger my inner work
  2. Tower: Outmoded beliefs that I need to dismantle
  3. Truth: What my highest and truest self really wants to create
  4. Trove: The treasure I will find when I create what my truest self really wants

Please share this with others who you think will enjoy it! And please do tag me on social media if you use it! It totally makes my day to see these in action!!!

From my heart to yours, blessings and empowerment to you.

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