Want Something? Here’s How to Amplify the Magic of Intention – Part 1

This is Part 1. Part 2 is here and includes a Tarot spread (which doubles as just journaling prompst) AND and intention candle how-to!

Lots of people in the spiritual community work with the New Moon and Full Moon.

Which is wonderful! That’s where I began my work with the cycles of nature to support my spiritual growth and manifestation.

The moon is always there though, and always reflecting the light of the sun differently. 

Did you know it’s possible to take advantage of that energy on a more regular basis than just every two weeks (New Moon and Full Moon)?

In my previous post from April I talked about the key phases of the moon and how to set intentions around them.

And you know I’m always posting lots of empowering, uplifting Tarot spreads that double as journaling prompts. So I figured, why not show you how to add some candle work to your Tarot journaling?

First Quarter Moon = perfect for intention-setting oomph!

I know it’s really popular to set intentions at the New Moon. And it’s a great time to do it!

But it’s not the only time, and in fact, if you set intentions at the First Quarter Moon, you’re doing so at a time when there’s even more external energetic momentum building. 

So it’s a time to set intentions that you absolutely want, that you’re really clear on!

In advance of my Thursday post, here’s what you need to gather.

It’s a bit more clumsy than usual to pick up goods currently. So I thought I should give you a few days so you have time to get these items if you’d like to participate with me this week.

What you need:

  • Small candle (could be a tea light candle, votive, chime candle, or even a birthday cake candle!)
    • If all you have/can get is a larger candle (like a pillar candle), you can make it work, but if you can get a small candle that’s really ideal.
  • A journal or paper to write on. Doesn’t need to be fancy. I love using happy-to-me journals, but you do you!
    • You can use a journaling app if you prefer, but I always suggest writing out physically where possible, as it helps your whole self to integrate more powerfully!
  • You don’t need a Tarot/affirmation/oracle/other deck if you don’t have or don’t want to use one.
    • If you do have a deck or a few, choose the one you want to use for this!

Make sure you will have some time (set aside about half an hour) to yourself sometime on Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday for this work.

And start letting your mind clarify what that thing is that you want. Start getting really clear on it so that you can picture it/have a clear sense of it in your mind!

Looking forward to sharing this with you.

Blessings and empowerment to you. 

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