What Does Your Higher Self Think? Listening To Your Needs.

Listening to your Higher Self lately? Or maybe you’ve been too busy to notice the advice that you need to listen to your needs, and take action to support yourself…

For folks who have been around here for a while, you know that I’m all about 1) empath empowerment, 2) making shifts in how you think about yourself and your options, and 3) supporting yourself through making those changes.

Last week we talked about starting small and following the next thing that lights you up inside. You need to have the energy to keep going out there and trying new things and following those breadcrumbs to the things that bring you joy.

Active-Rest, Yang-Yin, Output-Input

It’s like the seasons or the cycle of the day. We have times when we are active, and times when we are at rest. As creatures, we cannot be active 24/7. Without sufficient rest, we see diminishing returns (less benefit and even greater energy output!). 

This time of year is perfect for going inward and listening to what all of your needs are. Some days you may need to take things easier on yourself and permit yourself to do so, knowing that you are loving and supporting yourself by doing that. 

Be gentle with Yourself, empath

As empaths, we tend to be really hard on ourselves. Harder than we ever would be to anyone else. Ask your Higher Self – who is already part of who you are – what does your Higher Self see? What advice does your Higher Self have for you? How can you allow yourself to receive that support and advice and receive the rest you need? 

Whether you’re soaking up the waxing days of spring in the Southern Hemisphere so that you can set yourself up for a plentiful harvest later, or whether you’re tucking into the waning weeks of the Fall here in the Northern Hemisphere, make space for your Self. And allow yourself to receive the nourishment and replenishment that comes from giving yourself what you need right now. 

Blessings and empowerment to you.

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