What Enrages Me And Why Tarot Is My Home

You know what gets me fired up as all hell? Oppression by patriarchy. Whoooaa what does this have to do with Tarot? I’ll get to that.

But first!

Am I anti-male? NOT AT ALL. This space is inclusive and welcoming of ALL sexes, genders, and the full range of diversity.

I’m anti-oppression

Oppression by patriarchy gets me really revved up. Especially oppression on the basis of sexuality, gender, race and ability. Who knew that almost a quarter in the 21st century, we would still need the intersectional feminist movement?

Generally, I’m not an angry person. Because I’ve invested years of my life in healing from a traumatic upbringing and the longer-term, tangible impacts to my health, education, economic situation and wellbeing that all stemmed from it.

But was does get me angry is the oppression of groups who make up just as much of the population, if not more (depending on part of the world – see World Bank statistics) of those who have grasped hold of patriarchal power in the past.

Don’t get me wrong

There are plenty of high-quality, straight, cisgender males who are also allies. I know several of them and I appreciate and respect them. And no, it’s not just cisgender white males who oppress others. People across the globe oppress others. And sexism can go in any direction.

But here’s the thing.

As quoted by Cherrie Moraga in the Foreword of This Bridge Called My Back (4th Ed), Combahee River Collective so well articulates why intersectional feminist movement is still necessary:

“If Black [Indigenous] women were free…everyone else would have to be free since our freedom would necessitate the destruction of all the systems of oppression.”

Combahee River Collective, as quoted by Cherrie Moraga, Foreword, This Bridge Called My Back (4th Ed)

I get that I have privileges that many don’t

While I am a mixed-race person who identifies as a woman and lives with both invisible and less-visible disabilities, my skin is fair, I identify as straight, and live in a multicultural city. And I have had opportunities in the past that allowed me to pursue education and new employment doors, both of which got me out of a cycle of poverty (and yes, I have lived below the poverty line as a non-student adult so I know what it’s like).

Lots of people don’t have these privileges and I recognize that.

All this is to say that my experience with intersectionality and sadly, ongoing realities of facing sexism and bigotry in my weekly life is a tiny snapshot of how far we have yet to go.

It’s also why I love the Tarot world

Because the Tarot world is made up of people who tend to diverge from  oppressive patriarchal values.

That’s why the Tarot world is my home. Although the Tarot world tends to be a bit less causal and more about self-healing, I am bringing a causal spin to the Tarot creation I am putting out there.

In creating Chakra Healing Tarot, it was crucial to me that in particular, diversity of sexuality, gender and backgrounds were reflected in the art that E.C. Mazur created based on my descriptions. 

Okay, this has been super longwinded so I’ll step off my soapbox for now. For now.

But know that these values of freedom and meaningful opportunity and prosperity for all genders, sexualities, backgrounds and abilities continue to whisper through the leaves in the trees of this magical and empowering space that I hold here. 

You can find empowering Tarot content I have created here. And you can pre-order the Chakra Healing Tarot here.

Blessings and empowerment to you.

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