What Have You Chosen To Believe In Life? And What Will You Choose Now? The Devil Card (Video)

We all have beliefs that are embedded in our unconscious mind.

It’s natural, that’s how our brains work. It’s what keeps us alive (e.g. I believe that touching a hot stove will result in pain so I don’t touch it).

Here’s the thing. MANY OF OUR BELIEFS CAME FROM SOMEONE ELSE. There’s nothing wrong with that; again, that’s natural.

The IMPLICATION is that we’re walking around, making choices about our lives based on someone else’s beliefs.

Watch the video by clicking on the photo below or this link for a reading to help you sort this out.

Oh, and it’s on the Devil card in Tarot. No, the Devil card does NOT mean you’re possessed or that the cards are evil.

Just watch the video and you’ll find out what the Devil card really means.

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