What’s Your Rainbow Bagel?

“You’re the only adult in here eating the rainbow bagel,” said the server, somewhat mystified. 

It was true. Other adult patrons peered cautiously at the bagel – and at me – with curiosity. And I ate it gleefully. 

I love bright colours. A lot. My very favourite colour is neon chartreuse.


My next favourite colour is the rainbow. Still serious.

And at this particular restaurant, it’s possible to order a rainbow bagel. It’s just a plain bagel that’s been made with coloured dough. And it’s delightful to me.

Would I have had the confidence to order this bagel ten years ago?

Definitely not. The fears of what others may have thought of me or the fear of not being taken seriously would have stopped me then. But not now.

If someone doesn’t want to take me seriously because of which bagel I eat with my eggs, that’s not a person I need taking me seriously.

Because I’m taken seriously because of my groundedness, authenticity, and track record of high quality outcomes.

What about you?

Have you noticed… 

That sometimes we modify our choices or behaviour in certain circumstances and that serves us?

Other times, the modification is based on fear. At those times, perhaps authenticity serves you better.

So here’s the question. 

What’s your rainbow bagel?

What’s really at stake? Is anything really at stake?

Or are those concerns or perceived limitations just shadows you’re casting on the walls yourself? 

This week, particularly as we approach International Women’s Day, I encourage ALL of us, regardless of gender identity, to consider where we have dampened ourselves to fit limitations that aren’t actually doing anything for us.

And then to notice all the opportunities available to you, to delight yourself in ways that serve your highest joy and power.

Blessings and empowerment to you.

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