When Saying “No” To Them Means Saying “Yes” To Yourself: Boundaries For Empaths

Boundaries are crucial (especially for empaths!). But aren’t they just sooooo much easier said than done? I’ve discussed in a previous post why boundaries feel so hard for empaths.

If you’re someone who has been used to letting people do or say or impose whatever they want on you, it’s hard to suddenly stop.

Why are boundaries hard for empaths?

Boundaries are hard for you as an empath because you haven’t worked that muscle. Because you were told that boundaries didn’t apply to you. And you feel out of control. You don’t realize that you now have much more choice in how you let people treat you.

Malumir R. Logan, Creatrix, Chakra Healing Tarot

So let’s change up this old, unserving habit of letting the fear of how it might feel initially to just say ‘no’ prevent you from honouring your boundaries. Instead, think about how saying ‘no’ to someone who is not truly respecting you means that you are saying “YES” to yourself.

You’ve probably heard of this idea before – because it’s an effective one!

But really think about what part of yourself you’re saying YES to. If someone is asking or expecting more of you than you want to give, listen to that part of yourself that is saying it doesn’t want to give more, and say “YES” to that part of yourself.

Show yourself you are listening.

That’s how you’ll build trust with your body and your whole Self over time.

Give it a try. It might feel weird and uncomfortable initially, and it’s also worth it.

Future You will be so grateful that Present You said YES to the insightful part of yourself that needs some space to grow and breathe so you can fully blossom into the truest version of yourself that you’ve actually always been.

Blessings and empowerment to you.

Love, Malumir R. Logan – Creatrix of Chakra Healing Tarot.

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