When to Find Additional Support for Development and Healing

Personal growth can be exhilarating – you have that “aha” moment that brings a new clarity or ability you’ve never experienced before. This work can also be incredibly challenging as we face core limiting beliefs or past experiences that have played a significant role in how we view ourselves and the world. Been there, done both.

I believe we all have the internal knowing we need to heal past hurts and grow into more powerful, amazing versions of ourselves. The real us that’s under the shell we’ve built up to survive.

The tools you find on this blog are a curated set of powerful tools and suggestions to help you to go within to find that knowing. To remember. I have zero doubt that you will find that you have great depths of knowing once you start to tap into it.

But doing this work can often bring up repressed memories and emotions. Using any and all of this blog’s tools is mechanically easy, but operationally often challenging. I speak from personal experience.

I am a survivor of childhood abuse of various forms that started when I was a toddler and continued until I moved out as soon as I turned 18. Although I had worked through a number of areas of trauma with counselling in the years leading up to embarking on my spiritual journey, forgotten and otherwise repressed traumas re-emerged as part of that journey.

In addition to the emotional courage and sheer determination I exercised to be willing to work through the pain and genuinely face it, I also sought out some skilled therapists and healers who helped me to process through those raw and painful moments.

For example, in working with an excellent therapist who specializes in PTSD, I learned that instead of trying to ignore and restrain the underlying constant fear I lived in. I could throw myself into the fear, just as surfers dive into the base of a breaking wave, coming out the other side without being impacted by the velocity of the surface of the oncoming wave.

This allows surfers to reach the distance from shore needed to catch the waves they want to ride. Similarly, instead of resisting the emotion, I learned I could dive into the heart of it and come out the other side, better positioned to achieve my goals.

As uncomfortable moments arise in your own journey, I encourage you to work with appropriate and skilled therapists to help you process through these. It takes emotional courage to face these uncomfortable and painful internal experiences. It can be genuinely scary. But you can do this. You truly do have what it takes. And the more powerful, original you is waiting on the other side.

Possible Resources

As always, I am not being compensated for suggesting any of the following references. These are purely suggestions for your consideration and you should find what’s right for you.

  • I suggest doing The 30-Day Homework that will Change Your Life, as this will help to bring you to a clearer place internally while you’re doing other work and as you pursue counselling/other support.
  • Consider using an online service such as betterhelp.com
  • Consider hypnotherapy with a qualified hypnotherapist
  • Consider other therapists and healers in your area or who provide virtual/online/distance services if those services aren’t readily available nearby

Take care of yourself and hang in there if you’re currently experiencing a challenging time. Get the support you need and keep pushing through. You’ve got this.

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