When You Want To Quit

You’ve made amazing progress. Truly. Wherever you are on your journey right now, you have made meaningful progress.

How do I know this, since anyone in the world could be reading this right now?

Because if you’re reading this, you’re someone who feels and knows that your journey matters, and that you feel the tug to keep pursuing that journey. Even if you’re not entirely sure what it means or where you’re headed. And even if you are!

In other words, you have a growth mindset. Folks with a growth mindset are the ones who read my content. I hope you realize how incredibly powerful that makes you. No matter how you’ve been feeling lately!

We’ve been talking about crafting what you DO want after the previous posts here and here

Let’s jump right in.

The most IMPORTANT thing to do when you want to draw something good into your life is to focus on what you DO want. 

As a Tarot reader and NLP practitioner, I regularly hear people talk about goals or hopes in a negative way (e.g. “I want to stop doing xyx.”, “Then I won’t experience abc anymore.”, etc.).

For example, let’s say someone wants to quit their job or stop smoking. There’s nothing inherently wrong with these. It’s just that they leave a void. Plus, neurologically and spiritually it focuses on the thing you don’t want!

Let’s look at this so it’s clearer. 

Quitting the job example

Quitting a job sounds like a good idea if the workplace is toxic or the work is no longer a good fit or serving your needs. But where does leave you? Quitting your job simply means now there’s no job

Neurologically, your brain just keeps thinking about your current job. Which tells it that your current job is a priority, so you end up staying in that job you want to leave! Oops!

Spiritually/energetically, you’re sending a message that you don’t want the job anymore. So it’s possible the job becomes increasingly difficult to help you learn how to leave.

Clearly, neither of these outcomes is actually what you actually want! 

So if you do want to quit your job, what is it that you DO want in your next role? What does your day to day life look like for you in your new work? Focus your energy so much on that so that you set yourself up for success neurologically and energetically.

What about the smoking example?

The goal to stop smoking is the same. To get off cigarettes just means you’re leaving a void. What would that leave you with? It would just be a loss.

So what DO you want? To feel healthy and fit? And be present with your life? Maybe to feel free for the first time? That you’re finally truly empowered? Or perhaps to have money to spend on other things that you want?

Same thing goes for this example. What does your day to day life look like when you’re healthy and fit, when you feel free and empowered, and you have so much more money to spend on amazing things and experiences? Focus your energy so much on that day to day life that you set yourself up for success neurologically and energetically.

Visualize that day to day experience.

Whatever your goals are, here is an exercise to support you. 

Write about what you intention or goal is.

  • Write a whole story about it, about your goal, about what things will look like when you’ve achieved your goal. Be sure it’s all positive language (write about what you DO want, not what you don’t want). 
  • Write with confidence and authority (“In the next five months, I will do xyz. When I have achieved this, I will experience abc.”).
  • Make sure you’ve written down/recorded everything in your head about your goal or intention. 
  • For example: Write like this: “In the next five months, I will be healthy and making beautifully healthy choices for myself”
  • Get it all down, and focus on the constructive (what you will do, not what you won’t do).

Now close your eyes and spend a few minutes visualizing this day to day life of you when you have achieved your goal. Fully immerse yourself and allow yourself to notice how you feel when you have achieved your goals. Marinate in this experience, and then come on back. 

In closing…

Know that you have so much wisdom, and your higher self and the Universe is ready and willing to help you.

In the coming days, notice when you come across the right choices, the useful opportunities. 

They’re there. And you’ll find them. You’ve got this. Yes you can.

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