Why Celebrate? Super Long Car Rides + Bleeding Eyes

How is January feeling for you so far? I genuinely hope you’re all keeping healthy, strong and well. Question – have you ever been on a really long car ride where the scenery didn’t change at all for hours and hours and it felt like your eyes were going to bleed and you head would implode from fatigue if you didn’t get to see a new view?

We’ll come back to that in a moment. But first.

Last week, I was putting together my favourite moments from 2020 (which included memories of kindness and optimism during very difficult moments) that I shared on Instagram

I had scrolled through my photos from 2020, and set aside my favourite moments represented by those photos into a folder.

Something stood out

When I looked in the folder after going through all the photos, you know what stood out to me?

Just how many photos fit under the umbrella of “celebration”.

Those weren’t just by chance. A very wise person once advised me to “celebrate often” – and until last week, I wasn’t consciously aware of how much I took that advice to heart.

What is clear is how much of a positive difference it makes. 

Why does celebrating matter?

Celebrations mark milestones or other moments that matter to us. Which is important! Remember the painfully boring long car ride where the scenery doesn’t change at all for hours and hours?

What about a brief respite a few kilometres/miles off the highway, where you can sit in a beautiful, inviting park and have a picnic? Or perhaps stopping by a small town off the beaten path, where you can grab a local cup of coffee and a pastry? 

It’s one thing if you’re making this long drive now and then.

But what if the long drive goes on always? That’s life! So instead of enduring it like a long, sacrificial car ride, why not make a point of finding things to celebrate at regular intervals? 

Whether it’s birthdays or other personal dates, or spiritually/culturally significant dates, or just because, find ways to celebrate often.

Life is (hopefully) one long car ride. Don’t let it be just about the destination. 

Malumir R. Logan, acornandburdock.ca

Speaking of finding ways to keep my own car ride interesting with reasons to celebrate, this winter 2021 I will be launching my new Chakra Healing Tarot deck on Kickstarter to crowdfund the costs to manufacture it.

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