Why Gratitude Though?? Still?? Like Seriously

It’s been six months since the daily gratitude challenge has been going on every day on social. Why it’s still going strong and why it’s especially important for spiritually gifted people.

Why gratitude?

Because no one has to look very far for ways to be negative.

It’s much more common for people to commiserate together over things that are going badly. And that’s okay – it’s important to have the space to share openly about difficulties.

And there are already so many eager sources in everyone’s lives who will happily allow us to continue to vent, commiserate and complain.

We have to allow space for the honesty of how we’re doing. And yet we also need to be really mindful of what over-focusing on the negative does to us. It can become incredibly impactful, and can spin into a vicious cycle. Which can compound exceptionally quickly, particularly for empaths and spiritually gifted people.

You can still be authentic

As much as you allow space for your authentic experience, create space for gratitude. Create the habit of looking for and noticing the things in your life that are going well. There are things every day to be grateful for, even if they’re simple or small. 

That’s why the daily gratitude challenge is still happening. You can catch it every day in my Instagram stories, and you can scroll through the gratitude highlights to see the posts from each day since the inception of major pandemic measures in March.

How do you carve out space to help yourself keep perspective and build resilience? Tell me!

You can read more about gratitude here:

Blessings and empowerment to you.

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