Workbook Series: Resilient AF – How To Feel Better In A Crisis

Many people are being impacted globally by COVID-19, and are realizing the importance of building resilience.

I do offer empowering Tarot reading and NLP coaching. If you’re interested in that check out those offerings.

Some folks like yourself perhaps, prefer to work through their challenges on their own.

I have created this workbook just for you. This is the first workbook so far, with more to come.

Hot Off the (Digital) Press!

The first workbook in the Resilient AF – How To Feel Better In A Crisis series is called “Finding Your Feet”. The workbook includes:

  • Four weeks (yep, a full MONTH) of empowering, insightful guided reflection questions (18 pages of content!)
  • The content has been written using my expertise in NLP, which means it will help you tap into your strengths, resilience and abilities – even if you aren’t feeling on top of your game right now
  • Optional daily homework to support you
  • An empowering guided meditation for each week (written in the workbook, not an audio file)

An enormous amount of energy and effort has gone into this book, and I know how much hardship and uncertainty people are facing right now. So for the time being I’m keeping it really affordable at $19.

Please respect my energy by sending friends and loved ones here to purchase a copy.

Want a reading instead? Book your reading here.

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