Workbook Series: Resilient AF – How To Feel Better In A Crisis

If the past couple of years has taught any of us anything, it’s the importance of building true resilience.

I am an experienced Tarot reader, Reiki Master, and NLP Master Practitioner. Which means I am skilled in helping you heal your relationship with yourself, your energy, your body, and your Higher Self.

Some folks prefer to work through their challenges on their own.

If that’s you, I have created this workbook just for you. This is the first workbook so far, with more to come if there is sufficient interest.

Hot Off the (Digital) Press!

I have created this targeted workbook called “Finding Your Feet”. The workbook includes:

  • Four weeks (yep, a full MONTH) of empowering, insightful guided reflection questions (18 pages of content!)
  • The content has been written using my expertise in NLP, which means it will help you tap into your strengths, resilience and abilities – even if you aren’t feeling on top of your game right now
  • Optional daily homework to support you
  • An empowering guided meditation for each week (written in the workbook, not an audio file)

An enormous amount of energy and effort has gone into this book, and I also know how much hardship and uncertainty so many people have been facing. So I’m keeping it really affordable at $19 CAD.

Please respect my energy by sending friends and loved ones here to purchase a copy.

My services are on hold for the time being, so you cannot book a session with me at this time. If you prefer something more soothing than a workbook (and the emotional work it will lead you through, you can still get meditation track downloads here.

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