“Your Body Knows How To Run” – Does It??? Learning To Trust Yourself

Do you believe that statement? “Your body already knows how to run”? Here’s what happened and why it matters for empaths and spiritually gifted people. Hint: it’s about relearning to trust yourself.

Seriously? “Your body already knows how to run”?

I was also pretty hesitant the first time I heard that. Recently my run coach said that our bodies know how to run. She repeated that statement a few times throughout the group coaching session. It stuck with me as a new concept.

And then I realized how true it is.

We may live in a society where we’re told that only the experts really know how to do things, and that we need all this fancy tech and products to do anything properly. Most significantly, we’re told that we can’t trust ourselves.

This is particularly true for trusting our judgement, our emotions and our intuitions.

Whether from materialistic “scientific” ideology, social norms, or established religion, so many of us grow up being told not to listen to ourselves or trust ourselves.

As empaths, we have all experienced this

You know exactly what I’m talking about, because most of the folks who resonate with my content are empaths.

You’ve grown up being told to ignore your emotions (“they’ll lead you astray”), to repress your intuitions (“it’s all in your head“), or to ignore your inner knowing (“stop making such a fuss“, “just be nice“). 

ENOUGH. Let’s close the chapter on all those oppressive, unserving influences that have held us back. We are each so powerful.

I mean it.

I do. YOU ARE POWERFUL. You have so much ability. You are already filled with strengths and abilities. Some of which you simply haven’t yet accessed because someone told you not to trust yourself.

Of course there’s always opportunities to improve your skills, enhance your strengths and get solid guidance from experts. But you have to start somewhere first.

Now is the time to get back to you and all the abilities and amazing power that you already have.  

It’ll take some time, consistency, and courage. It will. If you’ve spent your whole life holding yourself back, that will not be changed in an instant. And yet you already know how to be intuitive. You already know how to connect spiritually.

You already know how to make the decisions that truly bring you into alignment with what you want.

What to do next

Take those steps, encourage yourself, notice all the things you’re already doing, and see how you can gently build on all those. It’s okay if you don’t have an exact plan. Just get started and run with it and it will all start coming together for you.

You are SO powerful and able and I believe that with my entire heart. I encourage you to scroll through my extensive library on the blog, especially the Empowerment category, for lots of content on how to build on your natural abilities.

Blessings and empowerment to you.

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