Your Choice…Before Your Big Choice – Two of Pentacles (Video)

This week’s Tarot pull video happens on the first of TWO Full Moons this October! This October the Full Moons are rare because there will be two of them – the first on October 1, and the second (a blue moon) on October 31 which is Halloween! Also included is a Full Moon Tarot spread below!

Today’s card makes it clear that you have a bigger decision coming up, but you have a smaller decision you need to make first. Carefully think through that decision and notice where you have more options.


Here is the video for this Full Moon Tarot pull.

First October 2020 Full Moon Tarot pull, by Malumir Logan of

Tarot spread (doubles as journaling prompts)

Here is a Full Moon Tarot spread for the first October Full Moon! These do take a long time to create so be sure to give me credit if you share.

If you don’t have cards, you can just use the questions as journaling prompts! If you’re not sure how to get started with journaling, read this post here on how.

October 2020 First Full Moon Tarot Spread and Journaling Prompts created by Malumir R. Logan of

Questions are typed out below, if easier for you:

  • 1: The decision I will make this autumn
  • 2: What IS working for me in making this decision
  • 3: Where I need to shine a light in my thinking
  • 4 – 6: Key action I need to take (1)
  • 7: Outcome of these actions by the next Full Moon

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Also, if you’ve ever wondered about how to do moon journaling, read this other post I wrote on that over here.

Blessings and empowerment to you.

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